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Tutorials on various programming languages/frameworks (Java, Spring, Kotlin, Scala)

Distributed Systems

Articles about security, microservices, logging, communication in a distributed system architecture


Articles about the journey to AWS certification


Articles about TDD, Devops, CI/CD and coding best practices


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AWS Core Services: AWS Elastic Cloud Compute

AWS Elastic Cloud Compute, also known as EC2, is one of AWS Core Services. This service allows you to provision on demand compute resources in the AWS cloud. The experience is similar to configuring a…

Cloud-AWS 101

If you work in tech or if your job is remotely related to tech, I am sure that you have already come across or at least heard of the Cloud. If you are unsure of what the fuss is all about and how the …


So here it is: my Hello World post, my first blog post. After some procrastination, I was finally able to gather my courage to sit down and write. Let me start by quickly introducing myself. I am Cedr…

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