So here it is: my Hello World post, my first blog post. After some procrastination, I was finally able to gather my courage to sit down and write.

Let me start by quickly introducing myself. I am Cedric, a professional software developer with a passion for coding and building distributed systems. I enjoy studying algorithms, programming languages, craftsmanship and architecture. In fact, anything related to the software development field attracts me, which is the reason why I spend a good amount of time reading tech books, exploring new technologies/frameworks and coding. I simply love it.

Because I love to discuss and exchange new knowledge, I would like to benefit from this blog to share my journey with other passionate developers like you. After some reflection, a blog seems like a perfect medium to walk you through the amazing and ever changing world of tech. If you’re new to programming, a junior developer, a senior developer or an architect/tech lead, this is the right blog for you. I will be tackling diverse subjects that will target different audiences. I have worked with java, CSharp, C++ and JS, but because I have significant experience in java, the blog will be centred on this unique language and its vast environment. I hope to soon extend the focus of this platform to other languages such as kotlin/scala. You will be part of this learning journey.

Through this medium of exchange, my goal is to help you grow as a professional with a profound understanding of the industry best practices. I hope that the insights shared on this blog will be fruitful and will bring value to your tech journey.

Based on my areas of interest, this blog is divided into 4 categories:

  1. Programming :
    • Languages features/comparison
    • Design patterns
    • Algorithms
    • Frameworks
  2. Distributed Systems:
    • Distributed Architecture Components (Discovery Service, Spring Cloud, Gateway …)
    • Distributed Data (Replication, Partitioning, Consistency and Consensus)
    • Batch Processing/Stream Processing
  3. Cloud/BigData :
    • AWS Services (EC2, S3, ELB, AWS Lambda…)
    • AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification
  4. Craftsmanship:
    • Coding best practices
    • Devops
    • Agile methods
    • CI/CD

I hope that you will find the publications on these topics both interesting and resourceful. I plan to post a new article every Sunday night with code examples pushed to my github account:cedric-nabaa

Don’t forget to follow me on twitter to get updates on new blog posts: @cedricNabaa

Let the journey begin. May the force be with you, always.

Feel free to check out my LinkedIn Profile if you want to know more about my experience :

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